Alborz Azizpour

Babol,mazandaran, Iran

About Alborz


English, Persian

Areas of Expertise

Programming - C#, Java, Occult & Mysticism, mythology & religion, philosophy

An idea worth spreading

Fighting Viruses and Cancer with Nano-Bots: Its great if we will be able to make nano-bots which can be used to fight viruses or cancer. If we could make some preprogrammed nano-bots and somehow find an specific quality of a virus or introduce those bots to cancer cells we may be able to inject them to body and they will spread out in all of body via the blood cycle system and whenever find their targets destroy them. It would be really efficient if some recapturing mechanics also could be developed to gather those nano-bots after their mission was finished, so they can be used for other patients as well.

I'm passionate about

Programming, AI, Robotics, Nano Robotics, Google

Favorite talks