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Larry Backman
Posted about 2 years ago
How do you balance living practically, with reaching for your dreams? How much does material gain matter, realistically?
What's really great is the fact that you are asking this question when you are sixteen. I started REALLY asking similar questions about 12 years ago, and I still don't have good answers yet, It takes time to figure this out for some. For others, they could know in an instant. If you find yourself taking a long time, and taking your time with these types of questions is a good idea, enjoy it and find something practical to keep you going while you work on it, In the end, I believe it will matter what you do and who you are with more than anything else, but money in the bank is money in the bank. Taking the leap is worth it no matter what age you are. Is material gain important to YOU? If it is then go for it. 1. No one can give you a set of rules that will work 100% for you. Make your own rules. 2. Listen to everything, but only let the healthy knowledge seeds take root in your mind. "Weed your garden," so to speak, when something is there that shouldn't. 3. Be careful of what you read on the internet. 4. Last but not least. No matter how long your journey takes. Frickin enjoy it. I've spent a lot of times focused a bit too much on my mistakes and failures. It's great to learn from these, but dwelling on them will probably only make more mistakes and failures. Enjoy and learn more from your successes.