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Peter Kend
Posted almost 2 years ago
How do you balance living practically, with reaching for your dreams? How much does material gain matter, realistically?
I remember wondering about the life's questions when I was about your age. Let me give some feedback from experience of the 25 to 30 years I gained since. But first of all thank you Arkady with these little pearls of wisdom and the very recognizable situations with kids, loved it! The American dream is total bullshit for most, an incentive to keep the everyone productive and on the treadmill. The decline of the middle class will make that even more clear. Also stuff is just stuff, it doesn't make you happy, but it sucks up time and money (as Arkady pointed out) If you think of the highlights of your life it never involves stuff but people or achievements (at least for me). The more stuff you've got the less time you have to live your life in any meaningful sense. Stuff also leads to debt, and debt is the end of your independence or to live your life the way you want it. However, I see no reason not to invest in your own independence or development. So please do study. But study broadly, try to take in as much as possible, it never hurts do some courses which could be useful in any job. Also, go travel. Please do go travel. No tourism trips, just backpacking on a limited budget. That will change your outlook for sure. You will learn about your own culture and yourself. I have travelled for about 2 years all over the world and that is the one thing I never regret.