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Woodstock, GA, United States

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I believe that leadership development should be at the forefront of any education model. But, at the core of that should be the understanding that we were all created with greatness within us. How could we not be if we were created in HIS image? This concept must be acknowledged, nurtured and ultimately brought to fruition. I believe that youth should be given a platform to effect change now---not wait until they're adults. Why? Because they can. Because they must.

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Youth leadership development, education and nurturing the greatness that lies within all of us.

People don't know I'm good at

Inspiring people, making things happen.

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.... a work in progress

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Tammi Davidson
Posted almost 2 years ago
What are classes would you offer to today's students to help improve their education?
If I could choose one thing to incorporate into the educational system in terms of curriculum, I would choose to have a leadership course that includes the following: Etiquette (social, dinner, phone and interview) Cultural diversity How to conduct a productive business meeting Speech: How to give an effective and entertaining presentation Team Concepts: How to work as a group and appreciate the ideas of others Philanthropy: Have the students choose various projects (both locally and globally) to get involved in so they can learn that they CAN make a difference now. And also to see the importance of looking at the world outside of themselves. I believe that youth need to understand how powerful their voice is and that their voices need to be heard. I would give them a platform!