Ming Ming

Product Management, Dia Nam, JSC.
Hanoi, Vietnam

About Ming


I engaged in translating cartoon movie scripts from English to Vietnamese including Brave and Hotel Transylvania . I made subtitles for dozens of training videos about social marketing and SEO. I'm also a content provider for an English self-training group on Facebook. And above all, I love TED!


English, Vietnamese

Areas of Expertise

Project Managament

I'm passionate about

What turns me on are great ideas about human health, business transparency, modern technology and education.

Talk to me about

It's up to you. However, I prefer education because that's what I take most care at this moment.

People don't know I'm good at

Listening to other's stories and trying to find a solution with them. Besides, I'm a pretty good cook.

My TED story

Currently, I don't have much to tell you.

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Ming Ming
Posted almost 2 years ago
Steve Ramirez and Xu Liu: A mouse. A laser beam. A manipulated memory.
A couple of thinkings popped in my mind: 1. Can we use this technology to "edit" memories of a serial killer in order to prevent him/her from future crimes? Without bad memories, people may see the world innocently like children do, then they have no drive to commit crime. This could be a more philanthropic way of death penalty: erase the memory. 2. So in the future, we can have "manipulated human beings" with manipulated minds? Like extremely aggressive soldiers, who has no fear at all, being put into a war can cause much more threats. 3. Wealthy people will be smarter and richer, while poor people who can not touch this technology will be poorer in this knowledge-based economy.