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KellyAnn Garthe
Posted almost 2 years ago
I am interested to know about existing research on the effect of GMO's in the American food chain-- including Nutrasweet.- on diabetes.
I agree with the labeling of GMOs. As does most of the civilized world, with the exception of the US. Japan won't even mildly consider allowing any potentially contaminated wheat to be imported from the US. It is an outrage that GMO does not have to be labeled. Despite any conflicting reports on the safety versus lack of safety, we should be allowed to make those decisions for ourselves by having all the information available to us. Secondly, aspartame is a poison. It turns to formaldehyde at 87 degrees F. Which means upon entry to our bodies. In general, processed food is directly linked to the obesity and diabetes epidemic. We have to begin to take control of our own health and stop letting the medical community who has not so much as taken a course on basic nutrition to make these decisions for us. Educate yourself! Take back your health. Question everything, just as Dr. Attia eludes. Challenge all conventional knowledge and hold discovery to the highest standards, including ethical standards. Why would Monsanto not want to disclose their products as GMO in nature? That raises the reddest of flags.