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Kathy Kirby
Posted almost 2 years ago
C.C.S.S.-- Yea or Nay?
Every few years or so there is some sort of state or national initiative to rewrite standards. The common core standards, at least in my area of teaching, are a benchmark...that's about it. I teach in a fairly affluent community with several students in AP courses, are motivated and parents that "check in" and support the educational process. I know from my discussions with educators who teach in far less affluent communities that educators spend more time being social workers, life counselors, etc. just to keep students coming back to the classroom and on track to graduate...never mind teaching to the Common Core, assigning homework, or getting to the end of the syllabus. Bottom line: we need to spend more time equalizing the experience. Less affluent schools will never improve until the entire community gets on board to support education, not just monetarily, but more importantly right in the homes, in businesses, community and religious organizations. The solution to the problem is not granular and cannot be solved by adhering to standards, it is broader in scope and boils down to building better communities.