About Johan


Born in Amsterdam (1964). Raised in Amsterdam and smaller villages in Noord-Holland, Netherlands. Gymnasium. Academic study of English and Science of Literature for three years. --- Stopped to find out what I really wanted. --- Then I discovered playing (theatre) and teaching: Theatre School in Utrecht, accomplished in 1993. After that communication training, teaching drama in vocational schools (MBO, HBO) for 8 years. Finally I chose to work as a freelance trainer and role-play actor. ---- Lived in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, and now Rijswijk (close to The Hague). --- Important in my life: two sons (1999 and 2003), one wife. Besides communication, I love my Mac, iPhone and iPad Mini. France and good coffee make me happy. Living the Here and Now.


Dutch, English, French

Areas of Expertise

Training, Training coaching, Training facilitating, Acting & Theatre/Perfomance and Teaching, Supervising Professionals, writing - creative

An idea worth spreading

Time is killing our ideas. We want to make our meetings as short as possible, but creativity and what binds us are lost in running.

I'm passionate about

Us, people! The way we are. How we make our choices. Our ways to express ourselves, reach for the sky and fall down again... About language and not understanding it. About strangers and connecting.



Talk to me about

Other ways of looking at "reality". The other side of our Western is-or-is-not paradigm. Or precisely the opposite: how hardcore science belies our down-to-earth assumptions.

People don't know I'm good at

Analytically, critically listening, not caring about the relationship. The strategic attitude of just picking those bits from your words that I want to use for my own purposes.

My TED story

A friend - Yolanthe Smit - introduced me with TEDxTheHague some four years ago. I got addicted to watching and talking about spirited talks. But I also came home to a very diverse group of people attending our TEDxTheHague Salons. I found there is magic in a speaker that is absorbed in her story, living it as she speaks the words, taking me with her on a journey. For me, this mostly is a journey towards a better understanding of life. My life, any life.

Favorite talks