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Lia Ferrel
Posted almost 2 years ago
What were 5 things you wish you knew as a senior in high school?
1. Don't stress about dating/relationships. Successful ones can't be forced. Just be open and friendly to everyone and eventually the right person will come along. Don't settle for cheap imitations of real relationships. 2. Become a person that you would find fun and intriguing. That will be one of the most winsome things you can do. People are drawn to authenticity. And you will get so wrapped up in experiencing all that fun and excitement that you will forget to worry about it. Make your life an adventure . Do hard things, take chances, push yourself outside your comfort zone occasionally. When you are approaching the horizon is when you will feel most alive. 3. There are many types of compensation in life, only one of them is money. Respect, appreciation, free time are all forms of compensation - don't discount them. Money is great - it can allow you to pursue many different opportunities, but it cannot make you happy in and of itself. Use it as a tool. 4. Don't let fear of making a mistake freeze you and prevent you from making intentional decisions. Make the best choices you can, ride both the good ones and the bad ones for as long as you need, and then bail off if you want to. You will learn more about yourself and the world from your mistakes than from your successes. Mistakes are not fun, but they are okay. Allow yourself to make some! 5. Enjoy who you are right now. You will only be 18 (or 19, or 20) once. Treasure every minute of it, even the moments of doubt and insecurity. It all has value. Make the memories that you think you might want to have to look back on when you are 50.