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Program Manager, Atienza Kali

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Hi freinds! I'm intellectually curious and therefore I'm a TED fanatic! I just starting learning some new languages including French, Italian, Mandarin, Farsi, and Spanish so I'm hoping to get any pointers that you may have to help me along in my travels.


English, French

An idea worth spreading

Social enterprise is the wave of the future.

I'm passionate about

Languages, learning to fly, martial arts, noetic sciences, learning about paralinguistics, music, social enterprise

Talk to me about

Anything. I love to learn. Hopefully I can learn from you and vice versa.

People don't know I'm good at

being a blank canvas. I've found lately I'm able to learn pretty much anything. My eyes and ears are open so please feel free to contact me with anything (PG of course)

My TED story

Living out of my car, learning from my friends, and building my way up from nothing has changed my life. Out of the ashes, I learned how to be a positive role model in my community, and I'm hoping to impact the world through social enterprise.

Through my struggle I created a non profit organization that seeks to benefit those in need. To find out more about my non profit, please visit either or these sites below: (or)

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Kimberly Ann
Posted almost 2 years ago
What is your biggest fear?
I lost my vision for 2 weeks when I was in 3rd grade due to extreme poison ivy. Then a few years ago I was in a wheel chair due to a freak problem. I would say on the grand scheme of things, I'd rather go blind than not be able to walk