Kevin Embree

Founder & CEO, Online Persona
Austin, TX, United States

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Founded Online Persona which is is a global digital/online marketing firm located in Austin, TX providing innovative strategies and services across multiple disciplines for YMCAs all over the world. Prior Experience: After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, I worked as a financial analyst and re-discovered my true passion - "computer programming" - via macros with Lotus 123 (I had programmed in BASIC in college) - and I went to work for as a systems engineer at Electronic Data systems learning to program using assembly (ALC), COBOL and C. After 8 years of programming and software development management, I jumped into the startup world with a company focused on similarity search (something that could not be done with relational databases) and ended up pitching a deal to eBay in 1999 in Silicon Valley where I eventually ended up working until 2006. At eBay, I met and worked with Pierre Omidyar, Meg Whitman, Maynard Webb, Jeff Jordan, Mary Lou Song, Eric Salvatierra & Louis Monier on enhancing community trust using data, text analysis and analytics. After eBay, I worked for another startup but soon left to work for HomeAway (vacation rental marketplace) in Austin, Texas managing new business initiatives, sales & support.



Areas of Expertise

Digital Marketing & Strategy, digital marketing analytics, Digital Marketing, Digital marketing and communications strategy for global brands , Digital Marketing and Web Content, Digital Marketing | Social Media | Internet & Mobile Marketing, Google AdWords, google analytics, google grants

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Promoting the responsible and sophisticated use of Google Grants and remarketing for operational non-profits.

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Helping YMCAs all over the world enhance their respective communities through programs focused on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

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Living a courageous and passionate life focused on family, community, commitment and purpose.

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Kevin Embree
Posted 10 months ago
Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong
Amazing TED talk that I have watched many times and shared with my family and clients - Dan is exactly right: "Tiny" non-profits are trying to solve massive social problems with a belief system that keeps them tiny. It's time to re-invigorate non-profits with new energy, new ideas & new rulebooks!