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Chloe Rice
Posted about 2 years ago
GMOs... yes or no? (Genetically modified food)
when we didn't have enough food everyone complained because there families were starving. there is so much talk about what food is best and what methods of farming are most profitable i feel like we forget what food really is, fuel. Without its vital nutrients we would all die. That said, i don't think there is anything that wrong with the genetically modified food itself. Its fuel. Its what gives me energy to run 3 miles every morning. The slightly larger sweeter orange (better tasting and higher in fuel.) is not the problem. Its the politics associated with it. By creating superior foods genetically and selling them to farmers seed companies gain unnecessary control over the food industry. Why is this a problem? Becuase they are not looking out for the farmers who supply the oranges we enjoy-just there pockets:( this sucks. The food itself - good (i think.) but higher in sugar and calories. The farming methods - okay, and efficient the control over family farmers it gives GMO seed companies - DANGER DANGER DANGER