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Donald Edwards
Posted about 2 years ago
Should we care about pollution in other parts of the world? If yes, what can we do to limit it?
We certainly should care about pollution in any part of the world since it will affect us all. Pollution can certainly be limited but there are fundamental problems with current human behavior. Firstly, since most people don't see pollution in their back yards they don't take ownership of it and pass it off as someone else's problem. Secondly, we must look into the causes of pollution. Perhaps inefficient manufacturing processes which waste resources and pollute excessively because of cheap production costs. This for me is a major reason of pollution since our current economic system does not factor in the complete cost of manufacturing an item, etc. For example, let's say that the cost of electricity is 12 cents per kwh, that cost does not factor in damages in air quality if the power comes from a coal or nuclear plant. This certainly should have a price affixed to it as essentially a product is being subsidized to the detriment of the environment. The same goes for a bushel of corn; at $500. a bushel that does not include the cost of destroying rainforest, effects of fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, etc on nature. The problem then is that we are not looking at the complete cost of production and placing artificially low prices on items; in effect subsidization. The solution would be to include the complete cost in a product but impossible to implement since costs would skyrocket as soon as the real costs are calculated and many companies would be unable to sell products. That would be a good thing since less consumption would be even better for the environment. Ultimately, it comes down to policymakers and businesses to make real big change but that won't happen since they are looking out for their own interests. These businesses are only looking to maximize profit by cheap/ dirty production and to sell as many products as is possible. The best we can do is limit our personal consumption and try to recycle which really doesn't do much.