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jennifer russell
Posted about 2 years ago
What were 5 things you wish you knew as a senior in high school?
Stuff I wish someone had told me when I was graduating high school: 1. Don't worry too much about the future. 2. Keep your mind and heart as open as you can and let your current interests draw you to people and places that help you develop as a person. 3. Your interests will change throughout your life. 4.Do what feels natural to you. 5. Being a student will open a lot of doors to you. Don't hesitate to try them out. 6. Travel abroad, frequently, to as many places as you can. 7. Read a lot and read broadly. 8. Read the book 'on the road', and also 'world stomp'. 9. Whether or not you're going to college, learn to work with your hands. Learn a practical skill. 10. Spend as much time outdoors recreating/working in the fresh air as you can. It will keep your mind clear, your body healthy, and you'll meet cool people. 11. Don't expect change to happen immediately. With some things you will start to see change in 2 years, some in 10, others will take a lifetime. Just keep at it. 12. Everything everyone in this chat has said about communication and interpersonal relationships is true. Be aware of it and work to improve because it's essential and the effort is worth it.