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Mingqing Chen
Posted about 2 years ago
As a 90's in China, what Li said part is right but part is wrong.
Well, I have to say something to clarify the situation about housing. First, I agree that many people in Europe and US rent their entire life. In China, as Li has mentioned, we have a totally different idea about housing. We have been through a very long time of turbulence and everyone feel unsafe about the future. We seek a sense of safety by owning our own apartment, even it has only one room. Why we are not sure about the future? CPI had increased more than forty times over the past 30 years and how about the salary? Less than 10 times as for the vegetables. No mention the price for housing. If we don't consider the future, how can we survive after we retired? The standard pension is about 2,000 Chinese yuan per month and the price for 1 lb pork is about 16 Chinese yuan. As for relevance, a cup of coffee in Starbucks is 20 Chinese yuan. An ipad which is the same price all over the world is around 5,000 yuan for the cheapest regular iPad. A normal small surgery with the cover of medical insurance is at least thousands of Chinese yuan and the normal rent for Shanghai where I came from is about 3,000 yuan for an apartment with 2 rooms outside the main part of the city where the transporting is inconvenient and no good hospitals. Wanna live at a better place? The rent is far more higher. The pension is far less than enough. Then how can we survive if we are not trying to get a place to live? That's where the no house, no wife, no future coming from. Parents wouldn't like to their children having all of these budget on them. Since the pension is not enough for medical care, adult children need to subside them which makes the situation even harder. The house or apartment we need to spend over millions to buy actually doesn't belong to us. We are paying for the permission to live there for 70 years. As far as I know, there are few buildings now can last for this long.....