Hugo Monteiro

unemployed and looking for my first job in my formation field
Porto - Portugal, Portugal

About Hugo


I pursuit new knowledge, personal and professional experiences, and I have a deep ambition to exercise a position within my academic formation field.
My academic formation area is closely related to Environmental Sciences, having a degree in Geology (with Minor in Biology) and having M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences and Technologies (area of specialization: environmental risks). During these courses I had disciplines such as Environmental Impact Assessment, Solid Waste Management, Land Management, Water Resources Management, Hydrogeology, Geology and Environment, among others. All disciplines listed above, try to make it clear that I intend to have a career related to environmental assessment, whether in a position as a Geologist or an Environmental Scientist and Technician.


English, Portuguese, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

geology, Environmental assesment Risk based Analisys, Environmental Sciences, Strategies for Teaching and Education., Environmental Management and Impact Analysis, Environmental Geology, Geology & Biology, Construction and Demolition Waste Management, Waste Management & Recycling Solutions

An idea worth spreading

Imagine a World without social ethnic. Where people didn't have rules. Where there's no limits. How would role? Would it be an opportunity for a fresh start as a new earth? Or would it lead to a mass extinction of some animals, including the human race? Think about it...

I'm passionate about

Environment, Geology, Biology, Music, Tv Series, Concerts, Cycling, Football, Weight lifting, Running, Table Tennis, Basketball, Summer Festivals, Reading, Cinema.


FCUP Porto Portugal

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Everything that is connected to any environmental science.

People don't know I'm good at


My TED story

Hopefully I'll have one in the future.