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Nkem Modu
Posted about 1 year ago
I'm not much of a book reader but would really love to be - HELP!
This is a great thread; I have the same issue with sitting down and reading books. For me, it isn't a matter of not having enough time. Rather, I get distracted very easily and am a very slow reader. As suggested in other comments, audiobooks are a great resource. I have finished a ton of books using audiobooks from audible.com. Still, I still like having a physical book or e-reader in front of me. Also, since I listen to audiobooks while driving or doing chores, I sometimes find it hard to do those things AND concentrate on the story. Judging from your recents reads, I'm assuming that you like reading books that are semi-educational. By this I mean books that you make you think "Wow, I've never thought about [insert contemporary phenomenon x] that way". For example, "The New Digital Age", which I have read a good chunk of, sheds light on the many ways that technology is changing the world. There is a site called Brainpickings (brainpickings.org) that has a phenomenal digital "bookshelf" of suggested readings (http://bookpickings.brainpickings.org/). Check it out if you haven't already. The books that they suggest range from "Brand Thinking" by Debbie Millman (a book about branding and creativity) to "Conversations with Maya Angelou" to Jack Kerouac's "Lonesome Traveler". Hope that helps.