John Rodriguez

San Andres Island, Colombia

About John


I am a Native of the “Raizales” an ethnic minority from the Archipelago of San Andrés, Old Providence and St. Katerina (Colombia). I’m an innovator by nature, passionate about my heritage and culture, and a protectionist of mother nature. My first degree is on business management with an MBA of the IEP, Spain. I’m a teacher by passion, and cultural promoter by devotion.
In 2011 I was presented by the President of Colombia with the National Human Rights Award of the Civic Forum Foundation for my achievements in the promotion of sustainable livelihoods for the Raizal community using the social media as a platform for innovation and change.


English, French, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Project Management, Education , Motivating and inspiring young adults, minorities integration, CR and sustainability management, Cultural access development for vulnerable sectors, Social Media / Social Networking Sites, E-learning / innovation, Music Business Consultant, Tourism Business Consultant

An idea worth spreading

As a native Raizal and a social innovator of the Archipelago of San Andrés, Old Providence and St. Katerina, a place where different cultures converge and more seldom than often agree on societal aims, I have long seen the need of giving voice to my community; this is why I have been working with other social enthusiasts scattered around the world with the same vision to give voice to a Community that is in need to share their initiatives and ideas and to break paradigms. A community that is relentless working towards a better future for their people and their territory.
I believe that the creation of communication channels between the public sector, the academia and the productive sector are vital for the sustainable development and the creation of the human capital and ultimately the empowerment of the native community which is very much needed in this bit of paradise we live in. Our common dream and main objective is to create a platform where this ideas can be shared and heard.

I'm passionate about

Social Media, Education, Extreme Sports, World Music, Starts Up,Quality assurance and environment, social Innovation Projects, Crowdfunding and ShareFounding.