Joy Lin

Curriculum Specialist, Austin ISD
Austin, TX, United States

About Joy


One lab accident away from becoming a supervillain!


Chinese, English

Areas of Expertise

none - I'm still learning

An idea worth spreading

I use a math system with numbers and dashes instead of traditional sheet music to teach piano in an efficient way. Watching people who never thought they could play piano surprise themselves after a few months of hard work is probably one of the biggest rewards in my life.

I'm passionate about

Live comedy, fine dining, and teaching shortcut piano to adult beginners!

Talk to me about

Comedy, food tips and nerdy stuff: superheroes, Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith, horror films, Big Bang Theory... basically everything you'd see at Comic Con.

People don't know I'm good at

Telling Asian jokes, badminton, origami, writing Chinese short stories, being a foodie (okay, a food snob)... ;p

My TED story

I am so honored that TED Ed and Kohl's Cares picked me as one of the 18 "Lessons Worth Sharing" winners from all the great educators across the country in 2012. Then they called and said they wanted to do a whole super power series! As a nerdy girl who couldn't scare up a date to dress up with me at Comic Con last year, this was my dream come true: presenting the science behind super powers to the world in a fun and educational way. But the best thing about this whole experience is that it finally shut my mom up! After attending UT at 15 and graduating with 3 degrees in science at 21, I decided to become a teacher instead of pursuing a Master's like my dad or a Ph.D like my mom. I thought I would never hear the end of it, but ever since TED, my mom has finally stopped bugging me about going to grad school. So, thanks, TED. And mom, you are the best person I have ever known and I'm glad I can make you proud of me the same way I've been proud of you my whole life. Love you, mom!