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Mike Metzler
Posted about 2 years ago
What were 5 things you wish you knew as a senior in high school?
Robert- I'm drawing a bit of a blank on your high school question, but if college enters the picture, I may have something helpful. I'm working on this book about making the most of your college experience, and I just finished my second draft. If you'd like a free pdf copy of the draft, just visit the site and let me know. Thanks. Mike. http://carpecollege.com In the meantime, my general responses to your questions would center upon following the advice of baseball great, Willie Stargell, who said the trick to hitting a baseball is to 'try easier'. I think that could be the trick to almost anything! I'd follow with 'be yourself' (which you're already doing pretty well) and recognize the wisdom and beauty in others (including parents and EVERY kid in your school). For those who frustrate you or seem to lack your intellect or moral compass, be patient and give them a wide berth. We are all emerging all the time. We are all flawed and fallible and trying to find our way. And we can all be fonts of wisdom. So, in your encounters with others, be both forgiving and truly interested in getting to know them. Sorry this came across more as advice than reflection.... But I hope you can find something of value.