John Triffo

Toronto Ontario, Canada

About John




John Triffo, founder of NatureNova*, is a free-lance photographer, nature guide, public speaker, guest lecturer . . . and a story teller.

John also serves as a consultant in digital photo-art, creative sound design, audiovisual presentation, studio/theatre dynamics . . . and he tutors in technical photography and digital imaging as well.


weddings, portraits, wildlife, nature, socioecology


fauna, flora, habitat, human & natural history, art, fashion, culture, architecture, scenic nature, portraiture, exposition, spaces, places, and faces


nature guide and interpreter for educational institutions, special interest groups and the general public

public speaker and guest lecturer for parks, museums, art galleries, schools, libraries, natural history societies . . . and pretty much anyone curious about nature

wildlife and socioecological audio/visual presenter (shows are adaptable to any age or audience)

consultant, specialist & tutor in photography, photo-art, sound design, audiovisual, studio, stage and theatre

images published internationally

BBC Wildlife Magazine: United Kingdom & Germany
Pacific Discovery Magazine: California
Seasons Magazine: Ontario
PEREGRINE FALCONS - C. Savage (Douglas & McIntyre): Canada
"Abenteuer NATUR" - Meister Verlag: Germany

*NatureNova is an Ontario registered business devoted to Wildlife Adventure, Nature Exploration and Image Originality . . . where Dreams, Memories, Imagination and Discovery Soar!

NatureNova is currently on FACEBOOK and PINTEREST, and our website links hub address ie:

Areas of Expertise

Photograhy, Teacher, Mentor , Envinmental and community social welfare , Naturalist skills, Social ecologist, Earth and Environmental Science, Nature Lover, Hope provider, Mover and shaker

An idea worth spreading

extremely lean on education . . . extremely lean on health . . . ??? . . . extremely something else on senate . . . whoa . . . anyone have a spare gasmask????

I'm passionate about

I am passionate about planet earth

People don't know I'm good at

Amazing way of story telling.

My TED story

Is all in the YouTube videos.

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