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Joseph Kenrick
Posted about 2 years ago
How do you turn a dream into reality?
The challenges of sharing your dream with others, has less to do with your dream and more to do with the people you share it with. Some people do not believe that a person can create their own future or achieve a dream, and so will tear down your dream and you for attempting to achieve your dream. But if you share your dream with like minded persons who are in the same process they will be supportive. Whether in business or a creative endeavvor like Martin's, it is imperative to "vision cast" so that others can see what you vision is and that you are committed to it. Once they can see it they will support w funds, time, effort, counsel and more. We need more people like Martin who see their own dream as it will be when it is finished and complete, and then start the creative process toward that end. This will attract those needed to make the dream come true and improve the quality of the lives of each person who participates.