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Diamond Graves
Posted over 1 year ago
Math topics presented in a more engaging and unorthodox fashion.
I guess there is a reply limit on here so I clicked on this one to reply to your last comment. As a matter of fact I am a math teacher. I suppose it wasn't very hard to tell. That theory sounds pretty good. The most problematic aspect of teaching inner city students is discipline. I honestly could not say whether or not I would be able to implement such a strategy because the biggest magic trick of all is getting them to actually care/try. There could be gifted students in the mix but they are so taken by their environments that academics are the last items on the list of importance. If I could be so lucky to get 5 million views and resources to act, I know exactly how to change it. As of now, it's a daily battle and with the close of each year, I lose the war big time. I mean, some of them have genuine unbelievable circumstances to deal with at home. One student told me that their mom was up for 3 days as he witnessed a drug habit. Not to get too deep but I almost hugged the little guy because he deals with a lot to be so young. The worst part is that his story isn't at all unique. They all have crushing survival pressures, horrific environmental influences and a loss of will. Movies and television about this very thing tend to desensitize as we are no longer stunned by hardships but it is 10,000% real. At this point, I really don't know what to do for them. I know I went on a little rant here but hey....just figured I'd vent while speaking to a fellow educator.