Hellen Alberts Achiando

Nairobi, Kenya

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I am a Kenyan based freelance Journalist, I love to touch and hope to change peoples lives from the stories that I write,photos that I take and hope to make a difference either by my experiences and Observations. “I still believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon.”
– Tom Stoppard


English, German, Swahili

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Freelance Journalism

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Projects should be set up that can empower people especially in the rural areas, water projects so that people can do irrigation ,set up greenhouse for agriculture. Africa is very rich above all blessed and in the 21st century people should still not be dying of starvation. Better facilities ,books,libraries, enough teachers so that every child is able to get affordable and quality education so that an African child is able to compete with other children all over the world.

I'm passionate about

I am passionate about Explanations, and the reason why we are here. Motivating,inspiring and Empowering the youth not only in my country but all over Africa and the world

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Biographies,photography,speeches ,books and articles that have changed,inspired people and made them better people and also benefitted you. Talk to be about development and how to empower people.

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Hellen Alberts Achiando
Posted about 2 years ago
Should we care about pollution in other parts of the world? If yes, what can we do to limit it?
Yes we should care because at the end of the day or someday we all get affected. There should be more awareness program ,people to be taught the effect and how it affects us all even if it happens elsewhere. People are spilling oil in to the seas and lakes,emitting waste from industries in the air destroying the ozone layer at the end you and I get affected. But at the end of the day it is you and me to protect the environment.
Hellen Alberts Achiando
Posted about 2 years ago
Could we ever temporarily freeze development to protect the environment?
I don't think we need to freeze it but how we do it to protect our environment. Many at times we are busy building industries but what are we doing to protect the environment from the emittance of the industries? People dispose them in lakes,rivers and sees. we keep cutting down trees and not planting and the ozone layer is destroyed.We need to come up with ways of bringing development that is also friendly to the environment and also ways to conserve and not destroy it.