About Jisu


Im a student in Yonsei University, Seoul Korea. Im studying Chemical engineering. But I will graduate this year and Im looking for the job right now. I want to build my career in Plant industry, as a process designer to make the plant energy efficient and environment friendly. And then I'd like to study more about Environmental engineering later on.

I'm passionate about

I really really really like traveling and taking pictures. I've done traveling across the US by the train, Amtrak. And I went to Mexico by myself. I LOVED that country. such a beautiful country.

My TED story

I got really impressed by TED talks when I first saw them and then I started translating. Now Im in the TEDxSeoul team to launch TED to Korea.We are preparing TEDxSeoul conference to make more Koreans get exposed to TED's great ideas and share their great ideas with TED also. Im so excited to work with the TEDxSeoul team. :D