Dani Grodsky

Student , Ideas42
Providence, RI, United States

About Dani


Today marks the 80th day until my graduation from Brown University, where I am studying cognitive neuroscience. Throughout this time I have written for the Brown Medical School magazine and planned events such as TEDx for Brown as well as Providence, orientation for thousands of incoming freshman and networking opportunities between students and alumni. Over the summers and breaks, I have done everything from bridal consulting at New York's own Kleinfelds to consumer marketing and pharmaceutical analytics. In my studies and study abroad experience (to India, Vietnam and South Africa) I discovered a passion for behavioral economics and how psychological principle can be applied to help people make better and healthier decisions. I am overjoyed to be able to apply my knowledge and love of this field in a position at Ideas42 following graduation.

An idea worth spreading

In my second-semester senior year I was part of an unbelievable Public Health study abroad program, in which I traveled ad lived with families in India, Vietnam and South Africa. In this journey I observed that health decisions on a macro and micro scale are not necessarily, or even usually, due to irrationality but instead a particular context and circumstance that shifts the perceived value and outcome expectancies of choices. Making a change is about tweaking the context to make long-run consequences more salient and viable to improve. In taking a behavioral economics approach, I believe that this can be effectuated by bringing together the underlying decisions creating unmet needs with a bit of liberal paternalism.

People don't know I'm good at

stepping. I have been performing on the step team at Brown University for four years. I've also had the amazing opportunity to try the similar style of gumboot dancing while in South Africa.