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Elisabetta Cassese
Posted almost 2 years ago
How are students educated in schools in YOUR country, where you came from?
Education in Italy is State-controlled and schools, are subject to comply with the curricula and teaching methods laid down by the Ministry of Education. Education is compulsory and free of charge for all children between the ages of 6 and 14 and is segmented in primary school and secondary school “of first grade” i.e. “level” (11 – 14 years) and “second grade” (14 – 19 years). Preschool (especially Montesorri or “Reggio approach” schools) and primary schools are still overall good in quality. At 14 years students may choose from a range of high schools known as Licei with either classical (latin & ancient greek), linguistic, artistic or scientific specialisation. School is very traditional in methodology: little or no technology, formal lectures, almost no lab work (even in the scientific Liceo!) no group work and no flipped classroom. The model does not work anymore and the education system is currently in crisis (if you see OECD PISA results for Italy you get the picture. The school is facing a very complex challenge that concerning his own identity and its goals. There is a growing estrangement of Italian families and young people begin with the traditional model of school. There is also an increasing number of young people who choose to attend foreign schools in Italy (international schools). It is a minority, because these schools have a high cost, but it marks a phenomenon. Elisabetta Cassese (www.educazioneglobale.com)