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Existence is potentially infinite for any organism with a rational faculty ie human being.

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Seeing people I know, admire, and study, express themselves without a bad filter.

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Tone Heighton
Posted over 1 year ago
Truths and Facts. Does Science prove anything?
This post showed up as the highest rated post, so I decided to reply to it, hoping it would be read and answered by the most thoughtful of answers or thoughtfully not answered, possibly even thumbs up'd. Quick answer to the question, does Science prove anything? Absolutely. Long answer to the question, does Science prove anything? First let me break down the question, "Does science prove anything?" I am taking science to mean something along the lines of this:: The activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural... And prove to mean: to demonstrate the truth or existence of (something) by evidence or argument: Anything: All things that exist. The laws of induction and deduction are used to measure perceptual data and see if anything exists, even, let alone proof of anything. Basically our brain, uses its rational faculty to integrate percepts, input from the five senses or sensory input, into concepts and things. If we are honest about these concepts, we will see that anything we can think of, is true, because it is based on perceptual data from the real world. And since reality is objective, based on again, percepts being integrated into conceptual data, ie anything proved are the only things that can be measured. It is obvious to see that anything is something science proved. If you can't measure it, it doesn't exist. I would not like to argue memorized answers or ones with the context dropped, if you are trying to argue by attacking me stating that reality is subjective, please state something, using your "wildest" imagination, that cannot be proven, but please stay within the given parameters of "anything". If you can do that, then your argument is worth posting at least.