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Diane Duckinson
Posted about 2 years ago
What are some realistic and creative ways to reduce wealth inequality?
Tough one, but worth working on,. Socialism, Marxism and various other 'isms' have been attempts (very flawed) by governments to find ways to spread the wealth. They fail because these concepts take away incentive, creativity, even altruism. Really, we are not all created equal as Lincoln or various religious dogma expound. The answer is not to take from the rich and give to the poor. Soon, if one goes that route, there is no one left to 'take from' and of course there is no way to ascertain the poor will use the 'gives' reasonably. In the end this needs a more complex and challenging solution. Some people are born into poverty, some lead lives that almost assure they will be penniless due to bad planning, governance or just bad luck. Education is the best hope we have. Can you make folks take advantage of learning though? Countries with the most impoverished populations are usually the most backward. Burgeoning populace with seemingly no way to stem that tide surely creates poverty. We need to encourage family planning and schooling thaty serves the purpose of teaching life skills. That concept would have to start early on and changes need to be made to curriculums. Personally, as I write this, I am not hopeful because the variety of lifestyles, religious, and stilted views on how best to exist, make it difficult to get the message out. I hope you find some good answers; I'd be interested in hearing them.