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Manie Shareef
Posted about 2 years ago
Is college really as important as our society today has made it out to be?
Well, I'd say it depends. College is good. having as high an educational background would serve you well in today's competitive job market. Does it directly reflect our careers? Not exactly, some people go to a college get their degrees and masters done and end up working in an entirely different career path from what they majored in college. Some simply do not require a college education but their wit and smart ideas help them become self employed, or become entrepreneurs. What you may want today might not be what you want in the future. From my experience , especially as a person who has not had the chance to go to college, I'd say when it comes down to living in the real world it all comes down to diligence, and dedication, Commitment. You do not necessary learn to live or survive in this world or even at your work simply by going to college. It is merely how well you take opportunities, learn from your mistakes and learn from the environment around you and the situations you are in. Not having a college education might not make things easier to succeed in life, but it does not really make you any less qualified or talented or any less important than a college graduate.