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Michelle D'Andrade
Posted about 1 year ago
Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity
I recently joined TED and I was shocked to come across this talk about the importance of creativity in life and pedagogy. My daughter will be entering the public school system in the fall and my greatest fear is that her natural innate ability to be curious and creative will be stifled. She will not be part of a system that nurtures these qualities and values her for it, but rather stagnate or kill it. Unfortunately the system not only stifles the creative capabilities in our children, but teachers as well. Teachers are not given the opportunity to be creative about the subjects they teach but rather given scripted lesson plans that are structured around the foundation of passing an assessment. Assessments that tell is very little about our children. I want my daughter to be a critical thinker, a creative body and for those who interact with her to understand that she is an individual with special strengths and weaknesses just the same. Sir Ken, you are definitely heading in the right direction and I share these concerns as a parent and as an educator.