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Janne Webb
Posted about 2 years ago
Proposing elderly communal housing; i.e. private residence with central/shared kitchen and living rooms with private bed and bathrooms.
I am particularly interested in this idea. I am a general contractor and I am aging and I am gay. These are all great qualifications for building and living in a POD type living environment. We planned an entire community with architectural schematics for this concept. We named it OUR HOUSE. Because many of us have love animals we included a animal sanctuary where we could interact with the community and volunteer. Each home was basically a duplex so it could be sold as a single or join two together easily. All the homes opened to a nice interior courtyard that was safe for people and animals. We planned for One large LIVING ROOM where the noon meal would be shared. We felt it would be important to include gardening, harvesting, cooking, cleaning as joint chores to keep us active. I could go on and on....We paid particular attention to making the homes affordable, GREEN, and modern as most of the assisted living facilities do not necessarily cater to good design.