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Journalist, Writer, Co-founder, Salon Holder, Volunteer, Literary and Artistic Life Weekly & Crossover Life Cafe
Beijing, China

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When I was in high school, my dreams were to be a journalist, to create a magazine, to write a book, to hold salon events in a library, and to open a Cafe. I had never thought of them all coming true in college. My friends and I created a non-profit electronic magazine Literary and Artistic Life Weekly in my second year of college. We aim to share news about literary and artistic events in the magazine in order to help working people in Beijing enjoy relaxing weekends. The magazine has been publishing twice a month and free for downloading for about two years. At the same year, I joined the first human library Istarsea. I planned and holds more than a hundred salon events there in a year. The themes were in a wide range, for examples, literature, psychology, commonweal, career, and travelling. During that period, an editor happened to read a story I wrote and thought it was good. She encouraged me to finish my book and it is about to be published officially this summer. I am at my last year of college, now, and my Cafe was opened this month. I hope to invite people with different experiences here to share their new and helpful ideas.


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An idea worth spreading

Never stop learning and growing.
We all can easily think of a person we know who is persistent and unwilling to change. After the age of 25-30, many people stop learning and growing. They think what they already know is enough. However, there is a limitation of the amount of knowledge, thoughts, and techniques for one person to have from himself alone, not to mention the fast changing speed of the world. If you stop learning and growing, the way you think of the world will stay the same, the things you can't understand will stay misunderstood, the happiness of disillusion will become a nightmare because it conflicts with what you believe. Most close to your daily life, people will want to be far away from you. So never stop Learning and Growing.

I'm passionate about

I am passionate about communicating with different kinds of people, spreading new and helpful ideas to public, the warmth in heart people show when doing commonweal activities, and creative projects.

Talk to me about

New ideas in communication. How to do better commonweal activities in China.

People don't know I'm good at

Giving surprises, encouraging people, cooking, and telling stories.

My TED story

My friend Brooklyn introduced me to TED. I am shocked at the valuable ideas in the talks and the ability to influence that large amount of people. China has a great population, so I want to make effort in bringing TED in China.

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Comments & conversations

Qin Qin
Posted about 2 years ago
Kathryn Schulz: On being wrong
Kathryn's talk let me know that I may make mistakes even I think what I am doing is right. She makes me understand that I should admit and embrace my fallibility. And her talk give me the courage to try different things and let me look at issues from a different perspective.
Qin Qin
Posted about 2 years ago
Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?
Ken has a good sense of humor and his speech let me understand that children are very creative, and our education kill that of them. He made me understand the drawbacks of our education and actually we human beings have the potential to achieve more.