Birkan Ismail

C# Programmer, Romanian Business Consult
Bucharest, Romania

About Birkan


With over 6 years of programming knowledge and still educating myself in this domain. Medium knowledges in C, C#, and ActionScript and low average knowledge in software packages such as PhotoShop, Flash, DreamWeaver and SoundBooth. The only certificate I have is the Digital Competence Certificate from High School. All the knowledge was imbued by self education.
My personal achievements are seen through my prizes: Silver medal at "Ebiko" Contest in Ankara, Turkey ; Bronze Medal at "Infomatrix" Contest in Bucharest, Romania ; Mention at "I-SWEEEP" Contest in Houston, Ca, USA. During the work at projects such as those enumerated, I managed to also achieve team spirit, the ability to adapt to multicultural and multi-ethnic mediums, good social skills and many other benefits. My main objective for the moment is to work as a senior programmer, team builder or supervisor in an important company. My long term objective is to become the CEO of a well known company.

Areas of Expertise

Computer Science