Rose Smith

Patchogue, NY, United States

About Rose


Rosie's the name. Reading's my game. Bookworm, Word Nerd, Ink Sniffer, all around geek is what I am. A mature young student with a passion for learning, musicals, & green gummy bears. I'm planning on pursuing a career as a Librarian. A quotation I live my life by is "Do not forget to be Awesome," an acronym created by former TED speaker John Green, who also happens to be my hero. I spend approximately 15 hours and 37 minutes a week at my local library; whether it be tutoring, attending a SAT or Dungeons & Dragons class, or scouring the shelves for my next read. A fan of non-sequiters & seemingly useless trivia, I've been told I "spice up" any situation I come across. In short, I can sum up who I am in 3 words: Curious, Imaginative, Thoughtful.

An idea worth spreading

The greatest restaurant idea to date. Fellas, you know how when you take your lady friend out to dinner, & 97% of the time she doesn't have a preference? Introducing the skyscraper restaurant titled "I Don't Care" (name in progress). Each floor or level of the restaurant is a different style of cuisine; Italian, British, French, Chinese, even African. Whether you play it safe with Italian or be daring with Ugandan, every dish will be prepared to perfection.

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