Talal Akkad

Damascus, Syria

About Talal

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A 23 years old Syrian Boy, graduated from Damascus university with a Business administration/economics major. not my favorite subject though, but i try to apply what i learned to the things i'm passionate about. Usually i'm a quiet guy, trying to keep positive 90% of the time, love making new friends, and i'm open to anything that could give my life a bit more excitement and meaning. If you asked me to describe how to set up the perfect mood for me , all it needs is listening to Feiruz, some coffee, a good company and a cold rainy day.


Arabic, English, French

I'm passionate about

Earth, People, Future, Film making, Photography, Feiruz.


Damascus University

Talk to me about

Syria, Evolution, History, Astronomy, Marketing, languages.

People don't know I'm good at

Good at making coffee, and good at movies editing.

My TED story

I'v always heard about TED but never thought it could turn into an addiction, i fell in love with the speakers, talks, the subjects ! There's absolutely not one talk that i listened to that i didn't like, or didn't inspire me or made me think even more. And when i knew i could be a part of TED, i got so excited and i immediately applied to be a translator, i was lucky enough to get accepted. It feels so great contributing in something that u'v always admired and made you feel better.

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