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Catherine Bourdage
Posted about 1 year ago
Eli Pariser: Beware online "filter bubbles"
Funny even on TED I get the bubble thing. My first language is french so I have set my computer in french, but when I go to look at the talks I don't want the french subtitles, I want the english ones so if there is a word I don't understand because of the accent of the one who is talking I'll get it and recongnise it the next time, or if it is the first time I enconter it I can learn it, even if I have to go back in the talk ten times. But each time I start a new video I have to change the subtitle options, not that I dont like the fact there is french subtitle, no in fact maybe on day I'll start editing some myself for everyone else, but first I need my english to be a bit more fluent, so at the moment I switch for english subtitle every time, until one day maybe IU will just turn it off.
Catherine Bourdage
Posted over 1 year ago
What's the point of novels?
Reading anything can initiate you to new vocabulary (do not take the vocabulary I will use in here as an example, my first language is not English), new point of views, and depending on the writer's research more knowledge, especially if you read the footnotes. It is not because it is a novel that what is describe in it is not true, if you want knowledge about how it may feel to get yourself in a lawsuit you might want to read John Grisham books, he was a lawyer before he changed career to become a novelist, if you're thinking about studying healthcare to work in a ER, you might want to refer to the first years of ER TV show written by novelist Michael Crichton who studied medicine, and to the professional working in real ERs the show felt too much like work for them to enjoy it. There is some interesting facts to be found in historic novels if you read the proper ones, that is where I first learn, that natives American people had mined copper and put it to good use before European people landed on the shores. Fun fact, I was really not focused in class when I was in high school, I was reading novels in class hiding my books under the desk, and on the first day of the semester of physic class I was keeping my bad habits when the teacher asked a question to which I just read a answer that was never spoken of in class the year before, so I gave it to the teacher who became ecstatic. If I would not have been reading in class that day, maybe that answer would have come out eventually, but it would have been way less memorable.