Angelo Saavedra

Brisbane / Qld, Australia

About Angelo


I am a very social person, genuine and empathetic. I am also a good listener, having the talent to hear not only what is said, but to interpret the silence too. Always looking for developing meaningful relationships and prefer to focus on the personal, human side of life.

I am creative in the way I communicate my thoughts, full of ideas and able to approach problems in refreshing ways. I enjoy theoretical work and abstract concepts, as well as practical and analytical work. Always motivated when pursuing an inspirational work.

I perform well in environments that allow me the freedom to be myself and most important, to think freely. Performing at best in cooperative, inclusive environments. My previous professional experience in diverse industries, such as Manufacturing, Logistics, Project Management, Banking and IT, equipped me with the skills needed to work effectively in multidisciplinary and cross-functional teams.

I posses the capability to perform well managing organisational change efforts and business process improvements. In so doing, I work collaboratively developing strategies that take into account people, process, context and the desire outcome, through a very deep understanding of the organisational culture.

I deal with conflict cooperatively, striving for mutual understanding rather than a win-lose competitive situation. My empathy for others makes me a good team player. I master the art of appreciation, often thank, compliment and congratulate.


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

industrial engineering, Operations Analysis and continuous process improvement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Finance

I'm passionate about

Innovation, complexity science, technology, leadership and the complex responsive process of relating.

People don't know I'm good at

Caring about others,relate to all kind all people, creating the new and different, balancing work/life and manage diverse relationships.