Andrew Lu

TEDxPaloAltoHighSchool Club
Palo Alto, CA, United States

About Andrew


I'm that kind of kid who is mediocre at school, but if you drop me out in the middle of nowhere to survive, I'll do it- and be happy, too. In my life, I've taken numerous outdoor adventures, including a through-hike of California's John Muir Trail (238.5 mi/384 km). That being said, I am a Boy Scout nearing my Eagle Scout rank. Whether it be playing or listening, I love music- and nearly every kind too. If there's a chance to play music (or to conduct!), I'll take it. That's me (in a nutshell)!


Chinese, English, Japanese

Areas of Expertise

Knots, Outdoor Adventure, Music

An idea worth spreading

Take a walk. Whether it be in the woods or on the sidewalk, take a peaceful stroll, preferably on your own. It's amazing how much it can clear your mind, or how much it can help you generate an idea. It's relaxing, it's fun, and it's peaceful. Go for it.

I'm passionate about

I'm truly passionate about music. From the early ages of my existence, I have been witnessed conducting. That's the first thing I really wanted to do, musically. Conduct. That's what I strive for.

Talk to me about

About music (yours or mine), outdoor adventures, and knots. I'd really rather listen to you, though.