Diana Enriquez

Student, Researcher, Activist, Artist, Locus Analytics
New York, NY, United States

About Diana


I'm fascinated by illicit markets: both in terms of products and labors. There are so many things in our lives that we cannot control, and yet we develop rules, and societal understandings to create some sort of atmosphere of control. Illicit markets are fascinating to me because they represent a society where rules are made by the players, and the nature of these markets exists silently in the background of our everyday lives. I am a full time Analyst working on alternative economic models for Locus Analytics. I also write about organized crime for Scientific Vortex Inc. In my spare time I write articles about narcotics control, read everything I can find on the drug markets in Mexico and the US, and blog about immigration reform. I live each day with passion and excitement, I live for conversations that change the way that I look at things, and I love people with interesting stories to share. As an immigrant, I know what it means to come from a web of different places. I get the most pleasure from bringing my different worlds together, drinking tea on rainy days, and talking to my friends about the situation in Mexico, black market trade routes, and Kandinsky.


English, French, German, Spanish

TED Conferences

TEDGlobal 2014, TEDGlobal 2013, TEDActive 2012, TEDGlobal 2009

Areas of Expertise

Political Science and Conflict Management, Immigration/Migration, Borders

An idea worth spreading

While I was a student, I saw too many people who lived their lives purely the way the think that they are "supposed to." Excuse my french, but what the hell does that mean? The job market is constantly changing, standard issue jobs are disappearing, and still so many people around me obsessed with making it to the next step. I want to foster a culture of creativity here on campuses and around my city that encourage people to be different. In real terms, I want to bring back public art. I want to give people a chance to come together and create and express anything and everything they are thinking and feeling because they want to. I want to use public spaces in the city to pain murals and tell stories about the people who live here and what it means to them to be a part of this city and this community. I want to see people who CARE and ENJOY what they are doing, because it means something to them. I want them to create.

I'm passionate about

Germanic based languages, Latin American politics, policies and history, urban planning, sculpture, Mexican food, new design, the Drug wars, Kandinsky, Immigration, Tea, New York


Yale University

Talk to me about

Languages, Design, Color, Urban Planning, Mexico, the Mafia, Illicit Markets, Youth Gangs, Boston, New York, Informal Economies

People don't know I'm good at

Accents, Skating, Sculpture, Dancing

My TED story

I'm the founder and curator of TEDxYale and an active member of the TEDx community. http://blog.ted.com/2013/10/02/have-we-made-any-progress-since-2005-bjorn-lomborg-updates-his-classic-ted-talk-in-a-new-talk-at-ted-hq/

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Diana Enriquez
Posted over 2 years ago
Leymah Gbowee: Unlock the intelligence, passion, greatness of girls
This is beautiful, inspiring and heartbreaking. I am tired of watching women let others take credit for their intelligence or achievements. We are driven and intelligent and ahead of our time too, but how often do we find ourselves dimming down our achievements because it doesnt feel right to brag. Women of the world, embrace and celebrate what you have done. Dont let anyone (including yourself) make you feel like you arent incredible.