About Gauri Dutt


I am an "out of the box" thinker, recognised innovator, DIY enthusiast, sales and operations management professional. By academics I am a mechanical engineer (completed a 5 year full time program from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India in 1981, residing at the university campus). I believe, schools play an important part in the formation or evolution of one's personality. I enjoyed studied at the St. Anselm's School at Ajmer, India. I have devoted lot of time to managing sales and operations for companies across India. I fondly remember spendng a bit of memorable time at Sweden too. I participated in few contests on innovation and won recognition too.


English, Gujarati, Hindi

Areas of Expertise

diy self help, CADCAM, Machine Tools, Innovation in technology, Innovation, Presentation

An idea worth spreading

In many countries, automotive air filling in tyres at gas stations is done by young, not so well to do boys as they are not well educated and are available for low wages. Whereas the filling equipment are updated and digital, the nozzle has to be manually connected at each tyre-valve and held until the fill is completed. The poor boy has to bend down at each tyre. If this repeatitive work has to be done on 100 cars or vehicles each day, imagine the fatigue and mental stress of the boy. I have imagied an innovation to this activity which will substantally relieve the boys. No more bending. When stress reduces, time reduces, and quality of work improves. The innovative device can also be put to self use, eliminating labour. Let us get together to change this scene.

I'm passionate about

Idea generation & change. My mind generates plenty of ideas on how we could have designed things differently from the way we see them. At the end of my career, I plan to set up an innovation lab.

Talk to me about

A specific project needing innovation. Or a consultancy assignment in innovation. Or a faculty position in a reputed institution or university. Or delivering a presentation or talk on innovation

People don't know I'm good at

innovation. Many people dont know that I am an active DIY enthusiast. At my home, I maintain a good stock of tools. Occassionally, I repair domestic appliances, electric fittings/plumb, doors/windows

My TED story

I have just arrived at TED. The world will see my contributions gradually

Comments & conversations

Gauri Dutt Sharma
Posted about 2 years ago
Hadyn Parry: Re-engineering mosquitos to fight disease
Hadyn's idea is not bad, but we must look for a lasting solution that puts a complete end to the problem. Genetic enineering may eliminate the virus transmission, but genetically engineered animals may create some other problem before extinction even though their life cycle may shorten. Moreover, engineering the entire global population is a gigantic task (this is not crop engineering where you get control of the seeds), and may take decades before the effect is really visible. We all use a fly catcher that attracts the flies and kills them there and then. Similarly, why cant we make a mosquito attractor (and not a repellant) that will attract and kill them right there ????
Gauri Dutt Sharma
Posted about 2 years ago
Nirmalya Kumar: India's invisible innovation
An interesting talk ! But to me, the country has not yet registered its potential or made a mark of creativity or innovation in the global perspective. People like Sam Pitroda and CII are now taking some initiatives of building platforms for this cause (national innovation foundation, innovation conclave, etc......). I wish, Nirmalya should have covered these facts. Nevertheless, well done in presenting the info.