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Marissa Sandahl
Posted about 2 years ago
Will the Belo Monte Dam project on the Amazon River cause more harm to the environment or will it be a good source of energy for Brazil?
It's not surprising that the government is not concerned with the long term effects of this project. In their eyes they have found a solution to some of their problems, despite how many problems it may cause. That the military is needed for surveying speaks volumes. There are other plausible directions that the government could take but they would require more time and more work that they seem unwilling to put in. The long term effects that the Belo Monte dam will have not only on the environment but the communities surrounding it will be devastating probably to an unknown degree. As stated in other comments the dam is not going to be in a vacuum and the could cause unknown chain reactionsI hope that calling attention to the problem and the protests of the indigenous people will at least slow the project down.