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Seattle, WA, United States

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I am a practice management consultant specializing in internet marketing and website development. I am based out of the Pacific Northwest with contract workers around the world. I began as a marketing consultant in 1992 and created my first website for a tie-dye retailer in 1997. My background is creative and I love open source. I am a third generation entrepreneur who believes that work is more than just about making money.

During my tenure as a financial advisor, I launched my first website “”. This website was subsequently featured in a cover article in Financial Planning® magazine . In addition, my marketing strategy was the subject of a published case study. My success with the website was the impetus for my move into web development.

I am a graduate from California State University, Chico with a MBA; my undergraduate degree in economics is from Humboldt State University.



Areas of Expertise

Practice Management, Practice Innovation, Website Content, Web development, Internet Marketing - Consultant, Business Development, Business Consultant, WordPress Developer, Drupal Developer, Business Administration & Marketing

I'm passionate about

WordPress and Drupal and love developing new business with the help of these CMS programs.

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WordPress, Drupal, and practice development.

People don't know I'm good at

Helping private practices grow faster and more efficiently

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