Justin Zhang

Student, Sun Yat-sen University
Zhuhai, China., China

About Justin


I am a student from Sun Yat-sen University,my major is economics,and Ijoined The Ecconmic Association when was a freshman,and I had a chances to know about “what is a TEDx event."It ‘s my great honor to have an opportunity to organise a activity in the name of “TEDxSYSUZH”,and I was selected to be a curator.I have quite a lot interest in participating in TEDx,and enjoy the progress of sharing different ideas and views.


Chinese, English

Areas of Expertise


An idea worth spreading

the most powerful thing in this world is not violence、pestilence、or even nuclear bombs.It’s the power of idea and thought that make our human world and what exactly who we are.An idea worth spreading meas the value of idea can change people‘s attitude towards things and world,which is possiblly change our era.

I'm passionate about

exchanging idea with people from different areas and occupations.and providing a stage for anybody who has aunique idea to deliver.


Sun Yat-sen University

Talk to me about

I am quite interesting in politics、history and military,i will happy if you have any questions or ideas to communicate with me.

People don't know I'm good at

some sports such as swimming or Orienteering,etc

My TED story

When I first organized a TEDx event. A guest couldn’t join our activity because of his work,he would fly to Beijing during our event,but with my genuine invite,he came to our school finally.I was deeply touched by his movement,this thing told me “if you treat others sincerely ,others will also treat you in the same way on the contray."