Jeff Bromstad

Master in Ed Student
Salem, WI, United States

About Jeff


French, Italian

Areas of Expertise

Education Arts, Special Needs Education, Music composer / performer / technology / theory /

An idea worth spreading

Todays education practices bound to theory and burdened by policy must be abandoned and replaced with the proven and emerging known that the arts can teach education how to teach.

I'm passionate about

Kids, my family, God, music, teaching music, performing, eating, growing both myself and a garden, watching a good film, creativity in the classroom, any class, Elliot Eisner coming to fruition, etc.

Talk to me about

Injecting the arts into the curriculum.

People don't know I'm good at

Making furniture and Tiling.

My TED story

The video introducing the Sixth Sense device put the hooks in my ribs. There was no turning back. From that moment on my mind was open in a new and wonderful way. The more videos I watched the more the saying,"the more you know, the less you know," took meaning.