Georgiana Robu

Cabin crew member, Etihad Airways

About Georgiana


My name is Georgiana, I am 30 years old, I was born in Romania in a city called Focsani. I graduated a Philology class in High school, continued my studies at the University of Bucharest at the Foreign Languages and Literatures faculty in the Applied Modern Languages section. Afterwards I switched to marketing and got a Master Degree in Marketing and Communication in Business at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. I worked in the field for a couple of years, had other jobs that were linked in a way or another with my studies, eventually I pursued my dream to work as a flight attendant. I am currently working as a cabin crew at Etihad Airways and I live in the Middle East. I have also experience in Fitness and Aerobics as most of my life I was engaged in some kind of sport activities.


English, French, Italian

Areas of Expertise

Linguistics, Comunnication, Marketing

An idea worth spreading

I spent quite some time on this website lately and there are a lot of ideas that I think are worth spreading and I gladly discover are already spread beginning with talks about environmental issue, up to religious, political and social issues, etc.

I'm passionate about

Sports, Science, Astronomy, Dancing, Psychology and anything that is interesting.

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People don't know I'm good at


My TED story

My story is about learning about life, yourself, people, the whole world, stand up for yourself, love, hate, cry, laugh and never give up. :)