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"According to convention, I am not simply what I am doing now. I am also what I have done, and my conventionally edited version of my past is made to seem almost more the real "me" than what I am at this moment. For what I AM seems so fleeting and intangible, but what I WAS is fixed and final. It is the firm basis for predictions of what I will be in the future, and so it comes about that I am more closely identified with what no longer exists than with what actually is!" - Alan Watts

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Zach Campbell
Posted about 2 years ago
SebastiĆ£o Salgado: The silent drama of photography
China did what they did obviously and tactlessly. There are other ways to essentially implement population control by use of taxation changes or advertising. After WWII (if I'm not mistaken, I may need to refresh myself) I am sure they implemented a tax cut that resulted in the Baby Boom, making it more affordable to have children.