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Shrey Tambe
Posted about 1 year ago
For non-US TEDizens: Can you tell us about your country's education system?
I have had the pleasure of studying in India and the United States. India offers a rigrous curriculum of courses that test you to your limit. However, it lacks creativity. It does not let students apply what they have learn. Instead, your talent is judged on how many pages you can fill. Teachers lack motivation too. There is hardly 10% of teachers who can teach the way it is supposed to be. If one country that kills creativity at school level, its India. On the contrary, the US is pretty different. During my study there, I was not only subjected to a different type of environment, but I also learnt how to apply my mind. Exams were not based on how many pages you can fill, rather it was based on how much of your mind you can apply. I would not entirely condemn the Indian system of education, but I do say that it is not the ideal one. They need a major reformation.