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Mohan Kumar
Posted 9 months ago
Image of Pakistan in your sight?
Let me Congratulate Mr. Najam for bringing in such a topic of conversation. This is very much necessary to erase misjudgments and create harmony. Well, I am from India and Pakistan is my neighbor. I respect it as much as i respect any other country. It is really unfortunate that few incidents have disturbed the peace in Pakistan, nevertheless, it a country wanting co-existence, harmony in my view. Your question "do you think they are terrorists" seems funny to me. Few peoples mistakes or stupidity cannot be held as parameters to judge others, in this context, the whole Pakistan. Terrorists have an ideology that is far from that of a normal peace-loving and caring person's. By standing together and firm, situation can be controlled. No one will ever have to find an excuse to connect with a pakisatani,socially, given that social network is all about connecting with different people from different places. Remember, when we become narrow minded because of few incidents, we should be open minded to accept the beauty of differences when we find lot of good things.