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cathy leong
Posted about 2 years ago
For non-US TEDizens: Can you tell us about your country's education system?
I educated in macau, which is a southen city of China. I think the education system in here is totally nonsense. No matter in elementary school or high school, we are doing the same thing that is testing. We have to do endless tests and exams in school. However, the most important thing is we did not learn anything from our tests. Because when we finish our tests ,we forget evergthing we have studied.What we have learned is to solve the equation(Math),recite some poems(Chinese) likewise. It does nothing help with our real life.In terms of our teachers, they only do two things that are to teach and leave the classrom. They did not care about us. What they are worried about is to follow the rules given by our principal and not to be scolded by our principal. That is our students' life. It is a waste of time.